Leave the Wordsmithing to a Professional Writer

Not everyone is a words person.
Do you feel uneasy crafting copy for your website, press release, newsletter, or blog article? All you need to do is set the project goal, provide a deadline, and trust me to write compelling copy that converts.

Words are powerful and when written with a particular audience in mind and with a brand’s voice, they can motivate your audience to action. Strong copywriting inspires link clicks. Combine well-written copy with imagery and it almost guarantees audience engagement. The ROI is getting people over to your website or calling your business.

If your company is not publishing blog content, you’re missing an opportunity to provide customers value. For example, if you sell roasted coffee beans, your blog posts should answer commonly asked questions for current and potential customers. Why is your coffee better than the other million companies that roast beans? How should coffee connoisseurs store and grind the beans? What new roasted flavors can one expect during the holidays? Writing blog posts about these topics provides value and adds keywords to improve your website’s SEO ranking.

coffee shop, barista, cafe-1209863.jpg

You don’t have the time to wordsmith copy. Your employees shouldn’t stop client-facing tasks to create content for your website or social media pages. Trust a professional to write your blog’s copy. To inquire about my writing services and fees, email me about your project at vanessa@delightfullifemedia.com.

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