From writing company blog posts to crafting published restaurant reviews, I’ve written it. I’m known for my ability to listen to a client’s needs and then compose a piece of writing that matches the brand’s personality and overall goal. 

social media


A successful social media account does four actions: 1.) listens to the customer 2.) responds to the customer 3.) engages the customer and 4.) converts the customer to become a lifelong fan. Today’s social media pages must do it all every day.


inform + inspire

From a post’s opening paragraph, an article should motivate readers to be more, do more. Well-researched and crafted blog content not only informs but inspires the reader to take action.

Vanessa was able to help give me the info to bring me to the next level while also answering some more basic ‘old school’ questions. Now, I have a step-by-step list of helpful ways to improve my company’s social media presence, with a clear understanding of what she can do to increase my visability, SEO, and professionalism. Vanessa is gracious, fun, and easy to work with. BONUS – her professional background in photography is a HUGE benefit to have while utilizing her services! – Chef Audra Bell