From writing travel articles for large circulation magazines to a company’s website content, I’ve written it. I’m known for my ability to listen to a client’s needs and then compose a piece of writing that matches the brand’s personality and overall goal. 


inform + inspire

From the opening paragraph, a blog post should motivate readers to be more, do more. Well-researched and crafted blog content not only informs but inspires the reader to take action. Focusing on travel and dining destinations, I was recognized by Midwest Travel Network as the 2022 Blogger of the Year.

You are an excellent writer and you highlighted all of the features that make it amazing. The details about Shawnee are perfection. Great work! 

– Kristen Doppelt, Cozy in KC 

social media iNFLUENCE


A successful social media influencer does three actions: 1.) listens to the client 2.) creates engaging content 3.) responds to incoming messaging. Today’s social media pages are a go-to resource for people searching for trustworthy products and services with first-hand user testimonials.