Top Reasons to Outsource Your Social Media Marketing to a Professional

When I sit down with a business owner, I often hear one of these statements: “I don’t have time for social media, but I know it’s essential for business.” “I’m not seeing the results I’d like when my employee runs the social media pages.” “I know we need to do a better job at social media marketing.”

Is that how you feel about your business’s social media presence? You’re not alone.

As a savvy business owner or manager, you’re always looking for a better way to market your products or service to a target market. Since the pandemic has pushed potential customers to spend more time on social media, making sure your business pages deliver value and excellent customer service is imperative. Trusting your social media marketing to a professional is a wise decision if you want to increase brand awareness and convert to sales. Here are a few more reasons its best practice:

Top Reasons to Outsource Your Social Media Marketing:


No advertising money necessary! Using content and engagement strategies that social media marketers have mastered, your social media pages’ growth is reflected by increased organic reach (total # of people who see your content), impressions (# of times your content is displayed), followers, and page likes. When your social media fans love your content, they share it with others further increasing the posts’ organic reach. Are you optimizing your reach?


Think of the money you’ve spent paying an employee to create content and post to social media when their time could have better spent working to serve customers or improving their skills. Month-to-month…that adds up! When a professional is accountable for your social media marketing success, they own the work and do it right the first time. So, while you made spend money to use a service, it’s cost-efficient overall.


The time spent posting to pages and fielding customer questions in your inbox is time you could be spending closing a deal or scaling your business. Business owners don’t always have time to research their competitor’s social media pages either. They don’t have time to write, proof, and schedule posts let shoot photos or create content. Hiring a social media marketer to manage all of these tasks and more saves time. Time is money, right?


Today, people go immediately to a business’s social media page to ask a question rather than visiting your website or calling the business. They expect a quick answer and if you answer promptly, they feel heard and are more likely to use your services or visit your business. What is your Facebook page’s response rate percentage? Are you responding to page views the same day they’re written?


Relying on a social media marketer with years of experience is the best way to ensure your brand is providing customers value. Content calendars are planned around your marketing goals. Quality posts are scheduled during each page’s highest traffic times. Comments are responded to using an on-brand tone. Page visitors get the answers they’re seeking. Not only that, social media algorithms are always changing and new features become available almost weekly. A social media professional has a finger on the pulse of the industry and can handle it all.

Are you thinking of offloading your social media responsibilities to a pro? Let’s chat about a partnership during a free discovery call. I have years of experience as a social media marketer for businesses spanning a wide variety of industries and sizes. Ask for a meeting with me:

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